Senior Training

As we grow older, an exercise program is more important than ever.  Resistance bands, light weights, and a chair for seated and standing support may be used.  I am also post rehab certified.  Usually physical or occupation therapy ends and more training is still needed.  That is where i can come in and help.  Exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic and healthy.  And not only is exercise good for your body–it’s good for you mind, mood, and memory.

Different clients I have worked with:
Wheel chair bound – if they have some mobility it is important to keep their strength up for safe transfers such as going to bed, getting in a car, going to the toilet, etc…
Dementia and Alzheimer,  and even bed bound clients.
Most people can benefit from exercise no matter what age or condition you are in.  Improvements are usually seen and quality of life can be enhanced.

 Still walking up step begin wheel chair bound